A6. Joseph Dupee


A6. Joseph Dupee- (Peter A.)

Born- Aug. 8, 1853 in Platte Center, Platte Co., Mo.

Died- in 1921 in Albany, Linn Co., Ore.

Buried- in the Knox Butte Cemetery near Albany. The Knox Butte Cemetery is located on the West side of Knox Butte on Scravel Hill Road.

Wed- About 1887 in Kansas to Sarah Isabelle 'Belle' Barnard.

Sarah born- Jan. 1, 1864 in Kansas.

Died- March 17, 1915 in Albany, Linn Co., Ore.

Buried- Knox Butte Cemetery

Sarah's parents-

Father- Abner Barnard B. about 1823 in Tn. or Ill.

Mother- Sarah Stevens B. about 1827 in Ill.

Notes for Joseph:

He is found on the 1910 Degnan Twp., Latimer Co., Okla. Federal Census.

Joseph worked as a teamster, as did his brother 'Adam'. Joseph, along with his wife and children, migrated to the Willamette Valley in Oregon in the later part of 1910. Family history has it that the Dupees traveled by stage coaches to Oregon.

Joseph is found on the 1920, Albany City, Linn Co., Ore. Federal Census. He is living alone in, I assume, a boarding house. He is widowed by this time and is 76 years old (I believe that the census taker got the '7' and the '6' turned around as Joseph would actually have been about 67 years old by then).

When asked by the census taker what his father's birthplace in he tells them that it is 'France'. He also tells them that his father's mother tongue was 'French'.

Notes for Sarah:

She is found on the 1880 Salt Springs, Greenwood Co., Ks. Federal Census. She is living with her parents and siblings. Her siblings are listed as:

1. Ellen Barnard- 19 yrs.- B. Mo.

2. Andrew J. Barnard- 17 yrs.- B. Mo.

3. Alice Barnard- 13 yrs.- B. Ks.

Also listed on the census is a grandson who is 2 yrs. old and born in Kansas. His name is Thomas Hanspaw.

Joseph & Sarah's children:

A6a. Hazel Dupee-

Born- 1890 in Okla.

On the 1910 Degnan Twp., Latimer Co., Okla. census that I spoke of earlier, Hazel is listed as 'Hazel Smith' and is widowed. She has a child by the name of T? who is 3 mos. old then.

A6b. Marguerite Dupee-

Born- June 10, 1983 in, or near, Tuskahoma, Indian Territory (now Oklahoma) within the Choctaw Nation.

Died- April 29, 1976 in Albany, Linn Co., Ore. and is buried in the Riverside Cemetery there.

Wed- Daniel Malantin Molver on Dec. 13, 1914 in Albany, Linn Co., Ore.

Years later they divorced and she remarried to a man by the name of 'Clate Sprenger'.

Daniel was born- May 27, 1887 in Dakota Territory

Died- Jan. 25, 1954 in Albany, Linn Co., Ore.

Buried- St. Johns Cemetery

Daniel's parents-

Father- Knut Molver

Mother- Randie Molver

Notes for Marguerite:

A letter that Marguerite wrote to her son regarding her birthplace-

"Dear Son,

Can't say where I was born. Sometimes think it may have been Indian Territory as I seem to remember so much of what happened there. Hazel and I would go down a sandy road to play. The very small town if one could call it that was named Tuskahoma Indian Territory. Had an Indian Governor Green McCurtain. He had two daughters about 16 and 18. They took care of Hazel and myself."

When living in Oregon, Marguerite was a cashier at the old Ramaseum Movie House in Albany. She also worked as a cashier/clerk for Mt. States Power Company. During WWII she worked as a flagger for the highway construction.

Notes for Daniel:

As told by his daughter-

Daniel, the only son of K.C. Molver (the Elder), was born in the Dakota Territory (Milton, Ward Co.) on May 27, 1887. Dan's sister 'Anna Marie Molver' (married a Mosler and resided at Independence) was born in Edenburg in 1886. Dan's sister 'Rande Karine 'Carrie'' Molver (later married Carl Tangen and lived at Moody) was born at Minot, N. D. in 1892.

When Daniel's father 'Knut Molver' moved to Oregon, he had his own boat on the river and a going farm with fruit trees and livestock. This was in 1899. Daniel was 12 or 13 years old then and able to do anything on the land or on the river where they fished for salmon and tended the crab nets.

On July 5, 1905 Dan enlisted in the Oregon National Guard for 3 years in Albany, Linn Co., Ore. He served in Co. G, 3rd Infantry Reg. At 18 years old he was 5' 1" tall and weighed 140 lbs. and healthy.

Later, Dan carried the mail on horseback and by buggy in the Siletz Toledo area. He also drove a 1 horse street car in Albany and owned a meat market before becoming an electrician for the Mountain States Power Company. He and his family moved often as the power lines that he worked on were extended through the states. He and his family always returned to Albany as his parents resided there (in the Casteels house at 607 Jefferson Street) and Marguerite's parents were living just east of town at Knox Butte.

A6c. Abner Winston Dupee

Born- Sept. 26, 1899 in Okla.

Died- Nov. 19, 1955 in Gridley, Butte Co., Cal.

Wed- Dora ?

Born- March 1, 1901 in Russia

Died- Dec. 16, 1973 in Gridley Butte Co., Cal.

Notes for Abner:

He served in the US Army in WWI. He was in the IVth Infantry Div. and was in the Russian/American Expeditionary Force. Apparently, this is how he met his wife.

In 1920 Abner and Dora were living in Albany, Linn Co., Ore. He is working for the power company then.

A6d. Lucille Dupee

A6e. Henrietta Dupee

A6f. Louise Dupee

A6g. ? Dupee (died in infancy)








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