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Generation I

A. Peter Dupee

Peter is my 3rd great Grandfather. Nothing is yet known about who Peter's parents are and that one particular point in question is what has caused me an untold number of hours in research, emails, phone calls, letters, document retrieval, loss of sleep, etc. for the past two years and eight months now. Despite all, I firmly believe that the answer lies out there somewhere! So, with this thought firmly ingrained in my brain, I continue on...

Peter's birthdate-

1800-1805. (according to censuses info.)

Peter's birthplace-

Debateable. Some of the earlier censuses say 'Canada'. Some say 'Canada East'. Some say 'Canada West'. BUT the last census that I have with Peter listed on it is the 1880 El Dorado, Butler Co., Ks Federal Census and it is most interesting. Peter is living, as he has for many years now, in his son 'Adam's' household. When the census taker asks Adam about place of birth of his father, Adam says "France". When Peter is asked where he was born, he says "France"! Now I'm really confused. Were Adam & Peter possibly referring to 'French Canada' which is lower Quebec? Or did Peter decide (and Adam agree) to finally give 'France' as his actual birthplace?

First US document listing Peter Dupee-

On Oct. 30, 1832 Peter Dupee was recorded in the original land records of Jackson Co., Mo. The land he applied for was in Range 33 and Township 49.

On Sept. 12, 1835 Peter is finally able to buy the land that he applied for (above). Two months later:

Peter's marriage-

On Nov. 26, 1833 in Jackson Co., Mo. Peter married Henrietta 'Hester' Christison/Christeson who was born in Kentucky in 1815. Her parents were Adam Christison & Margaret Silvers. Hester died in Jefferson Co., Kansas before 1859. I have a feeling that she probably died after the birth of her last child 'John' who was born in 1857.

Peter, Hester & family lived in Jackson Co., Mo. until sometime after 1835. From then on they were listed as living in Platte Co. All of Peter & Hester's children (but John, the youngest) were born in Mo. This family moved to Ozawkie, Jefferson Co., Ks. in 1855 and this is where John was born in 1857.

Peter & Hester's children:

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A1. Julia A. Dupee

A2. Elizabeth Dupee

A3. Richard Adam Dupee

A4. Margaret J. Dupee

A5. Mary Jane Dupee

A6. Joseph Dupee

A7. Missouri Annie Dupee

A8. John A. Dupee